The Beskidzkie brand was established in 1993, starting the adventure in the FMCG sector with the production of Beskidzkie Paluszki. With each passing year, we have strengthened our position in the salty snacks market by launching new products and their variants. Currently we are one of the most popular brands in the salty snacks category.

Beskidzkie Łakocie

In 2014, we entered the sweet snacks market by creating a new subbrand –Beskidzkie Łakocie (Beskidzkie Treats). Beskidzkie Łakocie provides a unique combination of a classic snack with milk chocolate.  Our dipped-in-chocolate products are a great compromise between a snack and a sweet dessert.

Beskidzkie Misiaki

In 2019, we expanded our portfolio with Beskidzkie Misiaki (Beskidzkie Bears) – snacks intended mainly for the little ones. Their natural taste and crunchiness result from the traditional baking method and the addition of multi-flower honey, which can be also found in crackers and sticks. Our goal is to eliminate salt from these products so that they are also suitable for children under one year of age.

Soleo and Soleo Sweet

Since 2015, we have been exporting our products to foreign markets under the Soleo and Soleo Sweet brands. At the moment, they can be purchased in 29 countries, such as England, Italy, Germany, France, South Africa and North American states. The Soleo brand can be found on the shelves of a growing number of countries.

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