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1993, Osiek – a small town with a beautiful panoramic view of the Beskids. Adam Klęczar decides to create snacks that will appeal to all tastes and bring joy regardless of the situation. He buys his first machine and sets up a small production facility behind his father Kazimierz's house. With the help of his immediate family, he searches for the finest ingredients, perfecting the recipe and baking technology until he is satisfied with the quality. This is how the first Beskidzkie Paluszki are made. Over the following years, the company grows, while Aksam's offer is expanded to include new products. Today, Aksam stands for two production plants, more than 500 employees, 29 export countries and a great deal of trust from customers in Poland and abroad.

We have been spreading the joy of munching for over 30 years.

About us

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We are constantly evolving to bring joy to ourselves and our customers.

We respect our history, tradition and the region from which we originated. At the same time, we are a modern company operating based on up-to-date processes and state-of-the-art technologies. Our employees understand that they belong to one big family. A family in which we support and help each other, as well as take care of our relationships. Apart from spreading the joy of munching, we aim to be able to reinvest money in the future so that we can continue to do even better.

Despite many years on the market, we still want to learn and improve our products and processes. Thanks to standardisation, we can ensure that we are able to reproduce what consider to be good


Quality and safety
We believe that they are the most important values, which is why we put them first.
Our products are tasty, of excellent quality and contain the right ingredients. We want to eat and share them with others.
By safety, we mean the broad sense of the term – the safety of products, work and employees, but also the capital safety of our company.
The company is a place where we treat each other with respect, are empathetic, cooperative and honest. Respect is manifested in the mutual relations of our employees, but also in respect for the environment, our contractors, traditions, the local community and the resources owned.
We build a culture of warmth and a sense of belonging.
Innovation and development
We are constantly developing and improving. We are not afraid of changes. We are innovative and do not fear non-standard solutions. Our company is evolving, and our employees grow with it.

  • We see how much attention consumers pay to the origin of products. That is why we strive to ensure that all our snacks are certified with the European V-label so that our customers can be sure that our products are vegetarian.

  • In 2018, the whole brand obtained BRC certification guaranteeing that the products have passed specialised tests and inspections, are of high quality and safe for consumers.

  • In 2018, we obtained certification according to the IFS Food standard, which sets out the requirements for all food producers, focusing particularly on plants manufacturing and supplying food to private label retail chains.

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