A responsible company is capable of more, which is why we focus on sustainability, not just in Poland. We strive to positively influence the health of our customers by promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for the environment. We are committed to more than just "big" environmental resolutions – we consume raw materials sustainably, segregate waste and implement a paperless approach on a daily basis. Moreover, we cooperate with an external organisation, RLG, which is responsible for recycling and material recovery, as well as the preparation of educational campaigns regarding ecology.

  • We support locally!

    We care about our region and the local community. Since the beginning of our operation, we have supported local charities, sporting and cultural events in various ways. We are one of the organisers of the annual charity "MOLO Run", the proceeds of which support the Little Orchestra of Great Help Foundation (Fundacja Mała Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy).

    We believe that together, we can create a friendly environment and a great future for future generations.

  • Clean Beskids Festival

    We are also looking after our beloved Beskids, which is why we support the Clean Beskids Festival as a sponsor. The festival involves more than simply a cleaning campaign – it includes educational workshops for children and adults. At our dedicated stand, apart from tasting snacks, each participant could learn the basic rules of behaviour in the forest and gain knowledge about various types of mushrooms.

    Visit the Clean Beskids website to learn more.

  • Green Ribbon

    In the past, we have joined the Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet (Zielona Wstążka #DlaPlanety) initiative, which organises annual campaigns on the occasion of World Environment Day to raise public awareness of the most pressing environmental challenges facing humanity.

    We are aware of our impact on the external environment. That is why we undertake numerous activities that positively affect the environment – we segregate waste, optimise production processes to use less water, as well as promote appropriate attitudes among employees using, for example, special stickers and posters.

We fight for the planet


Palm oil-free products

We strive to ensure that our label is clean. This is why we aspire to replace palm oil with Polish rapeseed oil in our products. Additionally, we constantly analyse scientific reports on the raw materials used in the production of our snacks and verify their impact on human health.


Products low in saturated fatty acids

We are well aware that significant amounts of fatty acids are harmful to the human body. We aim to ensure that 100% of our products contain low levels of saturated fatty acids.


Recyclable foil materials

Plastics, i.e. plastic waste, can take up to several thousand years to decompose. For this reason, we are committed to making sure all our packaging can be recycled. All of our bulk packaging is already 100% recyclable. The majority is made from recycled materials.

Ecology in the company

We have recently completed the first phase of an investment project related to our pursuit of energy self-sufficiency – a 25 kW photovoltaic installation has been set up at one of the company's branches. By the end of 2022, we plan to complete the second phase involving the installation of a 750 kW photovoltaic farm on the main production site. In addition, we have been relying on heat recovery from gas ovens to bake sticks for years. We have been using heat generated by the ovens to warm tap water and to ensure that the buildings are centrally heated in winter. We operate our own wastewater treatment plant to guarantee that the wastewater has the optimum pH after leaching our salty snacks. It allows us to deliver wastewater