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    Beskidzkie Krakersy in new flavors!

    Vegetarian, with natural flavors *, for an additional source of fiber. Everyone will like the new Beskidzkie Krakersy. Looking for new solutions, we...

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    Mountain atmosphere with Beskidzkie Łakocie!

    Delicious milk chocolate, a completely new, cookie-like taste of the sticks, all closed in a handy package! These are Beskidzkie Łakocie!You can...

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    The results of the competition “Gdzie Beskidzkie …”

    Competition "Gdzie Beskidzkie smakują najlepiej?" officially completed! We invite you to read the results and the list of...


About us

Aksam was founded in 1993 in Osiek, a small village with a panoramic view of the green Beskids. From the very beginning, it has been a family company with Polish capital, which does not intend to change. Its history began with the production of Beskidzki Paluszki (Beskidzkie Sticks), which have been strengthening their position on the FMCG market in Poland year after year. Today, we are one of the most prominent Polish companies specialising in the manufacture of salty snacks, whose offer includes sticks, crackers, crisps, extruded snacks, nuts, popcorn, as well as products for children and sweet snacks.

We emphasise high-quality Polish ingredients and use them to create unforgettable classic flavours and innovative combinations. As a result, we have gained recognition in 29 countries to which we export our products. We are driven by energy and curiosity about the world. But most importantly – we know that every pleasurable moment is a perfect opportunity to have a crunchy bite! Our philosophy is simple – we want to spread the joy of munching.

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We believe that a responsible company is capable of more. With more than just Poland in mind, we are committed to working in line with the principles of sustainable development. We strive to have a positive impact on the health of our customers, as well as care for the environment and promote a healthy lifestyle through.

The promotion of sporting events. We are committed to more than just "big" environmental resolutions – we consume raw materials sustainably, segregate waste and implement a paperless approach on a daily basis.


Are you planning the next step in your career? Or maybe you are interested in constant development? Join AKSAM, one of the largest producers of salty snacks in Poland, and thanks to our well-established position on the FMCG market and continuous pursuit of perfection, you will quickly spread your wings.

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We specialise in the transport of foodstuffs and meet the highest standards applicable in road transport. We maintain a fleet of 20 Mercedes vehicles, over 9,000 pallet spaces in two 5,000 m2 centres, and our automated warehouses are fully integrated with ERP/WMS systems.

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AKSAM Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
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Ul. Karolina 70 | 32-608 Osiek
NIP: 549-241-01-36 | REGON: 121366701
KRS: 0000368060

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