Beskidzkie Misiaki

In 2019, we expanded our portfolio with Beskidzkie Misiaki (Beskidzkie Bears) – snacks intended mainly for the little ones. Their natural taste and crunchiness result from the traditional baking method and the addition of multi-flower honey, which can be also found in crackers and sticks. Our goal is to eliminate salt from these products so that they are also suitable for children under one year of age.

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11.02.22 product

Beskidzkie Krakersy in new flavors!

Vegetarian, with natural flavors *, for an additional source of fiber. Everyone will like the new Beskidzkie Krakersy. Looking for new solutions, we d

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Mountain atmosphere with Beskidzkie Łakocie!

Delicious milk chocolate, a completely new, cookie-like taste of the sticks, all closed in a handy package! These are Beskidzkie Łakocie!You can take

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The results of the competition “Gdzie Beskidzkie …”

Competition "Gdzie Beskidzkie smakują najlepiej?" officially completed! We invite you to read the results and the list of winners.